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Accredited Quantitative RPE Fit Test Provider

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Face Fit Testing

Safety Industries were amongst the first organisations in the UK with staff accredited to the Fit2Fit respiratory face fit testing scheme. The scheme was devised by the British Safety Industries Federation (BSiF) in conjunction with the HSE and leading respiratory manufacturers in response to fears that face fit testing standards were lacking due to the shortage of competent persons available to carry out the tests.

All of our fit testers are accredited to the scheme for Quantitative face fit testing procedure using the TSI PortaCount System (HSE INDG 479 Protocol).

Further information can be found on

We offer fit testing by appointment at our Romford premises and on site ,subject to location.

The purpose of a face fit test is to establish that a given respirator (RPE) fits the candidate providing an adequate face seal and fit test factor.
We can test on the preferred first choice of RPE but if the test proves un-satisfactory then we can then try alternative RPE.

All face test candidates must:-

* Be clean shaven on the day of the test, in the area where the mask seals to the face.
* Not have smoked or vape at least two hours before the test, as any smoke residue in the lungs can cause a false reading on the test equipment.
* Must know which respirator/s the size of facepiece they are being tested on.
* Must inform the tester what expiry date they would like on the certificate. For example your company policy might be 2 years etc. Our system is defaulted to 1 year. Once a certificate is produced, it CANNOT be changed.
* If other head mounted PPE is normally worn (E.g. Eyewear, Hard Hat, Ear Defenders), these items must be brought along and worn throughout the duration of the test.
* If combination filters (Gas/Vapour) are normally worn in addition to P3 (Dust) filters, they must also be fitted and worn during the test.
* Be able to fit their RPE.
* Be physically fit to wear RPE and walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes , candidates with breathing problems, asthma or other significant health issues should consult their GP if they are concerned about their suitability for this test. We cannot give health advice.

Photocopies of the fit test will be given to candidate and the originals sent with the invoice to the bill payer.

We can fit test a wide range off respirators, both full and half masks, Please check when booking to make sure we have that mask.

Sundstrom SR100 Half Mask
3M Scott Aviva 40 Half Mask
Various 3M half mask (please check when booking)
Various disposable (please check when booking)

3M Scott Phantom PPR 2000 Full Face Mask
3M Scott Vision 2 and 3 Full Face Mask
3M Scott Phantom Vision Full Face Mask
3M Scott Gemini Full Face Mask
3M Scott Pro-mask Full Face Mask

Why do you need a fit test?

Required by law

COSHH 2002 Reg. 7
CLAW 2002 Reg. 6
CAR 2006

"Where adequate control of exposure cannot be achieved by other means, the provision of suitable personal protective equipment....."

Unsuitable RPE will not provide adequate protection
Provision of unsuitable RPE is not in compliance with the law
People have different size and shape of face
Unlikely that one single design and size of face piece will fit all users within workforce
No respirator is 100% leak proof
a poor fit is a major contributor to reduced protection

Repeat fit testing policy

Quoted from Working with materials containing asbestos - Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 - L143 - Paragraph 198

"It is a good practice to have a system in place to ensure repeat fit testing of RPE is carried out on a regular basis. This is especially important when RPE is used freqently as a primary means of exposure control, e.g. annual testing for workers involved in licenced asbestos removal."

Quoted from Asbestos : The licenced contractors guide (HSG247 - P50 5.19 - Point 5)

"if the company's health and safety policy requires it. It is recommended that employers have a specific policy on frequency of repeat fit testing, eg every one or two years."

In summary, it is recommended that you follow your companies Health and Safety policy. As a standard, our system is set to produce the certificates with a Due Date 12 months for the original date of the test. If your company policy differs to this, please confirm this to us in writing at the time of booking, as certificates cannot be amended.

Prices (Romford)
Please call us for more details and to arrange a booking.

Full mask test £39+VAT

Half mask test £39+VAT

Full and half mask test £72+VAT

Onsite fit testing: Please call

Fit Test Booking Forms

Fit Test Booking Forms

To download a Fit Test Booking Form, please click the icon on the right